The Core List Of Foods For Life
Master Secrets Of Health - From Those Living Stronger For Longer

NOT JUST YOU, EVERYONE NEEDS:           ... Learning from youthfully OLD, FLEXIBLE people!

1) More air. We do not EXHALE enough. When you think your lungs are empty, even after pushing "all the way," there are still at least TWO QUARTS of dirty air left in there. Keep pushing. When your lungs are empty, breathe in slowly through the nose. Doing this exercise 10x pr day (or more) increases healthy blood flow, boosts immune system, lymph flow; sharpens the brain, providing clearer thinking, increases intelligence and problem-solving skill, also boosts digestion, motility, elimination... and more, just from breathing MORE.

2) WATER - Human kidneys pump more than 2,000 liters of blood each day.
They are incessantly heating up. The act of eating meat puts instantly provable stress on the kidneys, just as thirst means you’re already a quart low on water in the gut. Kidneys are the source of your strength. Kidneys are among the few things that cannot be fixed by natural OR allopathic means when the issue is allowed to go past a point of stressed compromise.

If you are overweight, every ten pounds of excess weight requires SEVEN MILES of new blood vessels.

Your kidneys are ALWAYS under stress, trying to overheat, so a few sips of water EVERY WAKING HOUR OF YOUR LIFE promotes youthfulness, skin tone and texture, blood cleansing, digestion, and so, so, so much more.

3) AIR-DRIED SEA SALT – It’s arguable whether minerals or probiotics is the most important solid a human requires. If salt it is not air-dried, it is garbage salt, overheated to point where it crazes as it cools off, leaving razor-sharp surfaces that lacerate inside of blood pathways, kidneys, and beyond. Himalayan salt CHUNKS are the best for water. Make no mistake. Air-dried sea salt has dozens and dozens of critical minerals in trace amounts. Thankfully, we don’t need huge amounts, we simply MUST supplement because fruits in the U.S. have lost, between 1950 and 2000 AD alone – more than 80% of all their anti-oxidant value. American fruits and vegetables do not provide sufficient minerals OR antioxidants. Claims regarding organic are, for the most part, 100% scam, regardless of whether it’s intended to be.

Air, water, never-heated oils, minerals,
colors from either ground or water, probiotics,
THESE are the core foods for life.

ANYTHING YOU CONSUME THAT IS NOT IN THAT CATEGORY is unconditionally guaranteed to hurt your body.
Please do not think there is anything that supercedes acid pH versus alkaline pH

Any claimed benefit in anything not in the core list is, by definition, tiny benefit overwhelmingly outweighed by the damage, because of the one single most critical fact AND shortcut of health: Alkalinity versus acidity. Anything you consume that’s not air, water, never-heated oil, bulk, minerals, and probiotics… turns the body’s bloodstream to acidic pH.
To date, there is still is no fact of life or health that supercedes this.

Adults: 1 LARGE spoonful of sea salt per day, in water before breakfast, or throughout the day in food. Kids: at least half a spoon to age 13 or so, then a full spoonful, every day. If supplementing w/ minerals, restrictions based on corrupt U.S. Senators and Representatives is the reason Dr. Cohen, Dr. Marshall, and other true leaders can be cited for decades of insisting "no less than double" the jar’s recommended daily intake is likely to make the biggest, best, safest differences.

If supplementing with calcium, remember that coral calcium is the only one of 1,500+ sources of calcium that's bioavailable! That's correct: All other sources of calcium are dead sources, and, as per Prof. Alfred Fritz Popp's Nobel-nominated proof that every living cell gives off light, coral calcium is the one and only form that the body can physically rebuild bone AND soft-tissue reserve with. Stick with coral calcium, available globally, shop around.

High blood pressure or kidney issues? PLANT-BASED minerals are safer & better than coral calcium.

This is a tiny percentage of the population. Learn to do the one-second energy test, poke your other hand’s index finger into either kidney point, and see if minerals held near your body w/ other hand makes you instantly test strong or weak. If you get instantly weak just from proximity, why would you ingest it?

There’s no guessing, children learn the QRA test in seconds. EXAMPLE: No human on earth, including pro athletes, can hold their thumb & finger tightly when their other hand is pinching a power cord or even just holding an operating/ringing cell phone against the body w/ other hand. (No need to buy our supercharging devices, use free Megaphotons images at,,, etc. If you’d like a million dollars, simply find anything or anyone on earth that does NOT test strong after being exposed to Megaphotons image, world’s first manipulation of every molecule).

4) NEVER-HEATED OIL - Organic extra-virgin coconut oil or flaxseed can be LIGHTLY cooked without going rancid.   Flaxseed is NOT advised for men over 40 (prostate), & can present other issues for women, yet, after coconut oil, is the only oil we know of that can take SOME heat. For medium-heat cooking, organic refined coconut oil is better.

Billions of humans, believing they’re eating healthy when eating foods sauteed in olive oil. How tragic that olive oil, one of nature’s precious superfoods, is not merely destroyed via cell-breakdown at 109 degrees Fahrenheit, every drop becomes toxic to the body and accelerates aging almost as dramatically as fully deep-fried foods (yes, even veggies, because heated oil is THAT toxifying to the body). If you, for example, steam your vegetables, we add the lovely olive oil AT THE END OF COOKING! By the time plate gets to table, the oil’s hot enough to enjoy the flavor of heated oil … without the toxicity of oil that went over 108 to 109 degrees. NOTE: We also cite hundreds who’ve reported to us their increased use of healthy oil by finding more things to put coconut or olive oil onto… with little or no heating.

Of the hundreds of centenarians MisterShortcut personally interviewed, more than seventy people over the age of 100 remained physically and mentally flexible. THIS is the horse's mouth. If we do not get our information from the horse's mouth, is it not logical to figure we're getting it from the wrong end of the horse?

One of the two things they’ve all had in common is taking in as much as half a cup or more of UNHEATED olive oil every day – WE CANNOT EFFECTIVELY LUBRICATE OUR SKIN FROM THE OUTSIDE IN – ONLY FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
Even the wisdom of including laughter into every lifetime was mentioned less than half as many times as oil!

5) FIBER – Everyone needs bulk to keep the intestine healthy – 7 to 10 servings of vegetables every day. If you do not like vegetables, or do not like GREENS supplements, prepare your will, you have almost ZERO chance of living into your 70’s without major, MAJOR health issues. Do not believe those who claim otherwise. It’s a fact of life that lazy people & stupid people choose not to accept. It’s why in 1905, less than 5% of Americans suffered chronic diseases that eventually killed them. Today, that number is so high that George Bush ordered the FDA to stop releasing the number in 2005, when it shot past 58%. It was estimated in 2011 that 8 of every 10 people in America die unnaturally, it’s still rising! Greens, and lots of greens alone would cut the unnatural death rate by 50 percent. It is also estimated that 90% of all heart attacks would never happen with a good diet that is more than fifty percent greens and other vegetables.

The most important thing is to experiment with many vegetables to find what you like, and do not boil those vegetables, they must not be heated above 108 degrees, to keep their enzymes alive. If you have FoodBooster, or a supercharged laser, you can reactivate enzymes in moderately overheated vegetables.. If not, use Megaphotons images. No need to believe, testing speaks louder than what’s currently exiting your mouth.

6) Probiotics – Every healthy adult has an average of SEVEN pounds of good bacteria in the intestine, because without good bacteria, there is no way to digest, and there is no way to push the nutrition into the bloodstream.

Good kefir is excellent. "Fresh Made" kefir has, at least until now, proven to be a cheaper, healthier alternative to expensive probiotic supplements, just as fermented vegetables (such as pickled cabbage) yields MORE probiotics in few ounces than a bottle of good probiotics! Learn more, that you might live more! We do not see upper-level proof of this until DOUBLE whatever the bottle recommends. EXCEPTION: When colonies are as high as 50 billion to 100billion, in which case once per day should be plenty. Overall, best results are achieved with 10 to 25 billion, TWICE pr day for at leat 21 to 23 days, then down to one per day, as many days per year as you’re comfortable with.

COLON CLEANSE changes live, HUGELY, and at laughably high speed. If you are at good weight, 2x per day in 6 to 8oz of water x 100 days.

If you are not slim or nearly so, your first 3 weeks should mean drinking a glass of colon cleanse 15 to 25 minutes before every meal. After 3 weeks, back to once or twice per day. Within 100 days, for most people, the body naturally finds its correct weight point. You can EASILY lose 50 and even 100 pounds or more of pure junk in your trunk just with colon cleanse alone!! We've been seeing it for many years.

How about starting the day with a glass of lemon juice in water? Why not learn to make your own Himalayan salt sole (pronounced "so-LAY"), with some 90 essential minerals and nutrients?

Adding these to a glass of cold water with colon cleanse tends to deliver deep, profound benefits.

As well, coffee enemas, the oldest medical procedure known to humans, greatly and also very safely stimulates liver and gallbladder. They are one of the two cornerstones for self-healing of cancer, as proven in 477 cancer cases with Dr. Max Gerson’s methods (see

Did you know that drinking an ounce or two of coconut oil 10 minutes before eating removes junk?

Of all the weight-control secrets, this is among the best and healthiest of all time: Strictly beneficial! Those who tell you that you’ll gain weight from an ounce of coconut oil 3x per day are mistaken. An adult who eats cooked food without digestive enzymes (HCL) is a foolish person who needs to be taught nicely.

TINY amounts of sugar cancels the digestive acid in stomach. That HCL is vital for disinfecting food, digesting food, notifying liver to engage in literally thousands of enzymatic reactions and more. When HCL is cancelled by sugar, liver CANNOT notify gallbladder to release bile for emulsification of animal fats. (Yes, we DO need some amounts of animal fat in the diet, for bones, skin, and to keep the brain from shrinking dramatically, among other needs).

Sugar also burns everything it touches. Better not spill any on your car’s paint job! The burning effect of sugar also causes both instant and long-term brain damage, destruction of collagen in skin, and so, so much more!

Worst of all, sugar INSTANTLY causes us to become acidic, and when we lose our alkalinity, we openly invite accelerated aging, disease, candida, yeast overgrowth, bacteria, fungus, and so much more. Be clear on this one issue: People who routinely eat refined sugar are hugely, fantastically stupid people who reap as they sow.

WHITE FLOUR coats the intestine, and prevents digestion.

"Enriched" flour is a new invention, only about 70 years old, and sickens 100 of 100 people in slow motion. There are no exceptions. Water + Flour = wallpaper paste. Gumming up the gut with paste is hardly a wise move, quite the opposite, and takes extensive efforts to clean out, as with colon cleanse, unrefined coconut oil, etc. Sugar & flour are the two largest indicators of profound stupidity in diet. Two largest causes of death in humans? Starvation is 1, flour is 2.

Air, water, never-heated oil, greens (and other colors from the ground that transfer solar energy into the intestine, for solar energy is the only known energy source for living things), minerals, probiotic enzymes, and laughter: These are the superfoods that empowered MisterShortcut & many hundreds of consulting clients to reverse the clock of time.

Above all, remember that virus, fungus, bacteria, candida, and more, including cancer and diabetes, CANNOT, to the best of any human knowledge, survive in a body that’s alkaline. Without sufficient minerals, pH drops, we become acidic, so both aging and death process are accelerated. The benefits and vitality of minerals and probiotic enzymes cannot be overstressed, they are the alpha and omega of all foods Those who disagree are, you will find, neither exceptionally youthful, nor highly energetic.

The only people on earth worth listening to are those who outperform every or nearly everyone else.

You can learn from the horse’s mouth, or you can learn from the wrong end of the horse.

The Psychology of Longevity chooses the horse’s mouth, imitating the people who do best, those who live stronger for longer. Who shows it best, again and again, proves to know it best. Everyone else is merely a persuasive moron.

While you do indeed have a right to an opinion, you have no right to express it before you develop your mastery, because those who respect you for what you DO get right… mistakenly accept your opinion on things you don’t get so right. That is the reason for some eighty percent of all the stupid things we do: We accepted the opinion of someone we respected at the time they gave us their opinion. Can you guess where most of THEIR opinions came from?

13 seconds in, Dr. Marshall demonstrating the most fantastic test you might ever learn - the one-second test.
How To Test ANYTHING - EVERYTHING - ANYONE- EVERYONE ... in a single second

34 years after being told "No chance you’ll ever walk again," the old geezer typing these vital secrets to you still runs up stairs two at a time. By imitating people such as Vinny Pacienza, who did not let a broken neck and similar diagnosis of permanent paralysis stop him from returning to the ring and becoming an even MORE-successful boxer than he’d been before … by imitating the people WHO ALREADY WALKED THE PATH WE ARE ON, you, too, can imitate their results.

People over 100 laugh more than people half their age do! They don’t get quite as bent out of shape, they know everything passes. They drink more water, more unheated oil, and, above everything else you can ever hope to learn about GOOD-quality longevity... ... they remain physically, mentally, emotionally flexible, since flexibility is the single greatest secret of longevity in every form of life. The moment we stop growing – every form of life(!!!) – is also the precise, measurable moment in any lifetime – that the death process is certified to be in action. This is a cornerstone of why we’re told to live every day as if it’s our last… …. because one of these days, it most certainly will be, hm?

Eat well, and be well!

We CANNOT learn less about anything, true enough?

Learn more, that you might live more, naturally, and with greater energy.

Imitating those who do best is the fastest, most secure way to imitate their results

Eat REAL foods, grown in the ground. See and feel the difference somewhat rapidly, beneficially.       Supercharging.US      

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EVERYONE needs certain core basics of life.
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Air, water, oil, minerals, fiber, probiotics.